From the neighborhood film-strip 🎞

Street photography, in any part of the world, requires a little bit of photographic skill, but really, a lot of willingness to give yourself over to the serendipity of the moment. Like the flow of Japanese Koi swimming through the stream..

If you find yourself in an urban or even suburban environment, the neighborhood can hold different kinds of shooting challenges, as to how to photograph what you see around you, but that’s just it, find yourself in your own topography, get a camera that feels comfortable, a film stock that has a pleasing grain and aesthetic for storytelling, and let your sense of adventure take over..

For me, your storyteller, blog writer, and photographer, I’ve been diggin on shooting with a simple Contax G1 Range Finder Camera, with a 45mm Carl Zeiss lens. That medium focal length gives me the comfort of knowing what I’m going to get, and frees me up to be more creative with my personality and camera action. I don’t loose a beat, and as I’m talking with people at the coffee shop, for example, I can capture the action, just outside the widow. The film stock I’m using these days is Ilford Black & White, which gives me that grit and contrast that puts me in the mood to tell stories, and see things just a little bit differently.

It all begins with those Martial Arts guys showing up and presenting their powers.. what they can do

And hey, they’ve got to have some decent wheels to get around
Scooter Nation
And a place to learn about photography.. with great coffee.. no back talk !
Watch out for Muni! – – Ra’s al Ghul in the ‘Dark Knight’ movie series, tells Bruce Wayne, the crime-fighter in training, ‘and always be aware of your surroundings’

And for all you photography & Marvel Films fans, ‘The Avengers: End Game’ arrives at theaters: April 26h.

Shanghai Metro Stories

Shanghai Metro Experience_man smoking cigarette (1 of 1)

New worlds being created along the Bund, old fixtures colliding with antiquity

Portraits of citizens of the world on every day brick walls

San Francisco Photo shops falling into the past, iPhone Photographic eyes keeping it alive

If only Andy Warhol could see us now

Moe to come from this blog site 📷

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Coffee & Comics: Hard Travelin’ Heroes Deluxe Edition

I’ve got a buddy in town, it’s great to have him staying at me place: because we’re having a kind of outer Sunset Comic book & Coffee Summit. As we scroll around the neighborhood in his hybrid, we talk about how this is our version of being that 10 year old and going into a convenient store, and buying that 3 pack of Marvel comics for 75. cents .  

But this time, we’re going into my local comic book store, Amazing Fantasy, and picking up a substantial bit of graphic novels to read – anything ranging from Death or Glory_volume 1, Fear Agent, to Moonshine vol I, to the Green Lantern/Green Arrow to Pearl, to a Wonder Woman/Batman one-off. Amazing Fantasy is truly an inner Sunset experience, in which the proprietor, knows all of his inventory, and is able to meet you where your comic book tastes are, or would like to be. This time he turns us onto some new titles.

With my life partner in Hong Kong, visiting her family, and taking care of some of her Teaching Business, she recommended that my Tokyo Travel buddy and I get together and have a little time in the neighbs, here in San Francisco.

Since it’s the Parkside Neighborhood of the Outer Sunset, there’s lots of really good Chinese food – such as the Kingdom of Dumpling. This place really feels like some of the Dumpling places, I used to go to, while living and teaching in Taiwan, with my brother. Authentic, quaint, and ‘tasty’ steaming dumplings and ‘no back talk’ (like the Coffee People slogan, in Portland, Oregon)

and of course there’s the classic Cheung Hing Restaurant on Noriega street

Having a little free time in the outer Sunset with my friend, Algis, provided us with some adult-time, that took us back to the feelings of those small and homey neighborhoods we grew up in.

Street Photography Presentation

Today, I was over at Looking Glass Photo in Berkely, California, watching a presentation on Street Photography by Valerie Jardin. It was quite inspirational as she talked about her approach from pre-visualization to the snapping of the photograph, in the decisive moment. She stressed, setting up all of your settings like black and white or color, JPG, focal length, prior to shooting so as to ‘get the photo in camera’ — not much post-processing is needed. She shoots primarily with the Fujifilm X100F w 23mm lens and the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 w 35mm f/2.0 lens. 📷

After the Street Photography presentation, I had a delicious Pesto & Chicken sandwhich at Berkely Bowl, with ‘Ansel Adams’, who appeared to be walking around the place – apparition, inspiration, or guiding star 🌟- it made me wish to pursue shooting more film photography! 🎞

And then I’d like to bring both digital & film photography education to students and media professionals alike, here in the burgeoning Sunset Parkside District of San Francisco. 

Andytown photo espresso ☕️

PicMonkey Collage copy

These days in the Sunset District of San Francisco, it seems there all kinds of specialty shops opening up, from the vinyl shop of Tunnel Records & Beach Goods, to the Seven Stills and Hard Frescos to Underdog’s too.

San Franciscans like variety, and expect their shopping and foodie options to reflect their sensibilities and eccentric Bay Area tastes.  We do have a lot of options living in the Bay Area, and so these little commercial neighborhoods, must offer something special, to lure people in.

My new job is working for the People of Parkside Sunset, as their assistant administrator, helping small business write grants, and generally just working with merchants in the neighborhood to improve the flow of people traffic to the area.

It’s clear the outer Sunset, is attracting all kinds of boutiques, niche arts shops, and bring some of the culinary uniques from places like the Mission District & SOMA, to this once sleepy urban Suburb.

In my off hours, I often like to go to the local artisan coffee shops, and enjoy the espresso drinks and coffee pour overs, and meet with the event coordinators from the area. And once in awhile I get to meet with some of my old photo industry colleagues, and talk all things  photography & gear.

By the end of our meetings, it kind of feels like a little Photo Boutique Pop-up just happened, and although informal, it feels like the vibe of 35mm film photography and digital workflow has just flowed over this spot  like that coffee pour over.


Tunnel Records & Beach Goods



Capturing Urban Angles | photo learning module

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San Francisco Mission Dolores District

Doing some shooting around the Mission, with a Nikon Tilt Shift lens, to change perspective through varying focal lengths. I call these little outings ‘Photo Dirges’ , and they’re quite fun to get to try out new cameras and lenses to see what you come up with..

Media Internship on Taraval St.

The POPS internship ended today, with the final efforts of Raymond Thai and Dylan Essex who edited this documentary piece; about their learning experience. Great job! gents, I think the social media, photography & video skills you exhibited, during the training, will take you far.. 😎

2nd Intern Social Media Activity: learning to write blurbs for blogs


When Avengers Infinity War was released, the world was shocked. Now everyone awaits the next Marvel movies to see if they will release answers. Many shocking deaths and scenes were revealed in the movie as a cliff hanger. As we wait and look forward to  Avengers “End Game”. [written content example: using popular films]


The story of the MYEEP and POPS internship: recently, actually on May 23rd, my birthday, I was hired by the People of Parkside Sunset in San Francsico, to work as their administrative assistant. POPS is a local outer Sunset merchant association that performs many tasks that support local businesses and the district 4 supervisor’s office.

Chief amongst their purpose, is to administer an OEWD grant to the outer sunset events that are put on every year by local merchants. A big event coming up is the Movies at McCoppin, run by my friend and boss, Albert Chow. Every Friday in October, there is an outdoor movie at McCoppin park. This year, 4 movies will be featured: Hidden Figures, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman and Coco will be played for local SF residents.

Movie flier mock-design.jpg

[Mock Movie Event Poster: created by media interns]

So, one of the great things about POPS is that they paired up with MYEEP, a government organization, that helps place high school interns into worksites to get summer work experience, to place interns within the POPS organization.

At POPS, we needed some help building out our social media web presence, so we put our interns to work creating more and contemporary social media channels, and began looking at rebuilding the POPS web site.

We were successful at adding some more channels, and figuring out the best way to cover local events through photography, video and content writing. I’m proud of what the interns accomplished over the two months of the program, and I think our leader, Albert was also pleased with our progress, and could see how these young guys could breath new life into local businesses with their ability to use social media to bring people to the area.