SF Uniclo Shopping trip

Taken from Facebook post: October 19th —
Ohio, eto, hello ja-mochi’s (friends) — yesterday, me and my gal-friend, went to the Stonehenge Mall, to attend the opening of our favorite Japanese department store in San Francisco, but here’s what we saw…  so because the lines were so big, just headed up to the neighborhood gap to try n pick up a highly discounted pair of 1969 grey jeans.  Better luck next time Paula Mak 🙂

Uniclo3 Uniclo2 Uniclo1

Paul Mansfield
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a bit o pop-culture: It’s interesting that some of our favorite super heros, often take a new look, to bring in a modern audience.  One such character I am fallowing these days, both on Hulu’s tv line up, and at my local comic book store, is Green Arrow.

My pal Tobey Mullen, kind of prefers the classic version, although he watches the new show, and I am still getting my tastes around whether I like the new edition of the Green Arrow. The verdict is still out on that one.. but here are the two versions side by side, you decide for whom you like — <if you’re a fan of DC comics and such>Green Arrow_classic cover green-arrow-17-cover