Shinjuku Shades

Shinjuku ShadesNow that the Tokyo Photo book is all finished, and in the can, I am starting to work on some early design drafts of what I call ‘Tokyo Metro Style Guides’ — which loosely, are designed to be little catalogue sections of my former Japan Travel Adventures.

They include the daily fashions and characters I experienced during the Tokyo Photo Junkets, and serve as an inspiration for my portrait photography and Wa Photo Academy teaching in this day and age.

Since, coming back to the states, post-Japan, and pursuing a professional photography career, and having finished up my work officially in the photo retail industry, I have been oft reminded that it’s the people I am serving that matter the most.  And whatever I can bring to it, to inspire and help others, is what’ I’ve been focusing on.

I hope I can capture that adventurous spirit I felt while traveling and taking pictures in Japan, and bring it to the students and people I am serving here in San Francisco. These style guides should bring it all back, and I should think, be a blast to work on.The-Falcon-and-Captain-America-Comic-Book-e1342470688884Looking forward to the new movie coming out Friday, April 4th– Captain America:  Winter Solder.

Also, a shout goes out to my friends at Calumet Photographic, who closed their doors recently. I hope they’ll all doing alright and will land on their feet.

Paul & PaulaAs for on the daily life side of things, Paula and I, are mostly spending our weekends, going around to local haunts in our neighs, like this one, Trouble Coffee.  They sure have a mean cinnamon toast. Oishii!
Trouble Coffee toast

Paul Mansfield 35mm film photography

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
SF Food & Lifestyle

The Keep Rolling food truck experience is an interesting and flavorful foray into Eastern European cuisine. Vicky Lee, has culminated her Europa travels into a single and delicious Chimney Cake, from Hungary.

Paula Mak and I that day, we’re so into going and being apart of the grand opening of Vicky’s food truck. We drove the long-windy road, so to speak, to a business park, somewhere in South San Francisco.

We had build up quite an appetite, and Vicky’s sweet and savory chimney cakes didn’t
disapoint.  It was quite a family affair too, as Vicky’s parents and friends were all involved
in launching her food truck into the San Francisco culinary-sphere.

We’re pretty psyched to see her get out there.
DSC_0082_Paula photog
Paula Mak with her Samsung digital camera