What ‘s in your Bag

Tokyo Photo Book_Black Cat Edition (1 of 1)

Something cool happened a while ago: an old friend of mine, came back into my life, and literally showed up on my door step, to deliver a surprise birthday present to me. Over eating El Salvadorian pupusas in the Mission, he sprung these 2 vintage cameras on me, which gave me quite a retro-thrill.

He reminded me, that photography is still in my blood, and that I have still more works to complete. And I still wish to make some Tokyo & Shanghai prints for my friend Tim, who also used to live in parts of Asia.

Tokyo Hipsters examining their inner Mod         bc875b0fc7c0a8f1cf293b4c6bf42a78

Popzeit Instagram Photos (1 of 1)
From week to week, for a photographer, it’s about seeing what’s in your bag – – for me, it’s the Kodak Instamatic 304 | which gives me that vintage buzz, that translates into getting motivated to bring some artifice and beauty to my digital photography . IMG_6275.jpgI think it gives my digital a little soul and hopefully analogue wit.

Anyhows, happy art and writing creation out there to my WordPress comrades – been loving some of your works lately ❤️

Paul Mansfield

Capturing Urban Angles | photo learning module

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San Francisco Mission Dolores District

Doing some shooting around the Mission, with a Nikon Tilt Shift lens, to change perspective through varying focal lengths. I call these little outings ‘Photo Dirges’ , and they’re quite fun to get to try out new cameras and lenses to see what you come up with..