Lighting photo shoot prep.

When using Lightroom or Photoshop to ‘correct’ images, we usually think of fixing the exposure, color cast, cropping, elements that cosmetically alter the look and feel of the image. But, sometimes, Photoshop edits can lead to more subtle changes in mood and aesthetics. Here, I used several creative filters in Lightroom, and danced around with […]

Teaching Smart-Phone Photography

Frame 1: is an example of how you can make a regular iPhone photo more dramatic by applying a Black and White filter Frame 2: is all about enhancing your smart-phone shot, with some basic color saturation adjustments (and giving the creative filters a rest) Frame 3: shooting with a smart phone provides an intuitive way to get closer to your subject […]

‘Watching E.T. at McCoppin Park last Friday night’

As all San Franciscan residents know, summer comes right at the end, happening in September, and we have the most beautiful days, for a short time. And then the Fall slams in by October, changing the foliage from green into the vibrant colors of New England. This time of year, it’s best to get out […]