Popzeit 2nd book project: 2015

Buon afternoon, as my gal friend, Paula is out discovering the cherry blossoms in bloom in our Sunset neighborhood, I am at home in my home office:  a place, I have fashioned after a favorite childhood past time, of imagining my living room, to be the interior of Han Solo’s Millinium Falcon. I call itContinue reading “Popzeit 2nd book project: 2015”

Georgia O’Keeffe Lake George works

Along with eating Sunset Nieghbs tap pas we saw a special selection of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Lake George paintings — which come from an area of upper state New York, the Adirondack Mountains. My friend James is is particular to this area of the country, and likes to spend some time there. We’ve had some prettyContinue reading “Georgia O’Keeffe Lake George works”

Paul Mansfield 35mm film photography

SF Food & Lifestyle The Keep Rolling food truck experience is an interesting and flavorful foray into Eastern European cuisine. Vicky Lee, has culminated her Europa travels into a single and delicious Chimney Cake, from Hungary. Paula Mak and I that day, we’re so into going and being apart of the grand opening of Vicky’sContinue reading “Paul Mansfield 35mm film photography”

Learning how to use Nik software

Top o the afternoon to ya, Just sitting back in my home office, learning how to use the Nik Software suite, now owned by Google.  I’m especially enjoying the ability to go back to my scanned film negatives and cleaning them up, or adding some more grain as it were.The photo above, was taken severalContinue reading “Learning how to use Nik software”

SF Uniclo Shopping trip

Taken from Facebook post: October 19th — Ohio, eto, hello ja-mochi’s (friends) — yesterday, me and my gal-friend, went to the Stonehenge Mall, to attend the opening of our favorite Japanese department store in San Francisco, but here’s what we saw…  so because the lines were so big, just headed up to the neighborhood gapContinue reading “SF Uniclo Shopping trip”

Richmond asunder

Sitting around with my new girlfriend and her inviting family, one could hear the chatter and rhythms of mahjong being placed a few paces away, the backyard presented this kind of imagery This last weekend, in San Francisco Japan Town, there was a sumo exhibition being held that featuring mostly non-Japanese Sumo Wrestlers. Three time world championContinue reading “Richmond asunder”