Street Photography Presentation

Today, I was over at Looking Glass Photo in Berkely, California, watching a presentation on Street Photography by Valerie Jardin. It was quite inspirational as she talked about her approach from pre-visualization to the snapping of the photograph, in the decisive moment. She stressed, setting up all of your settings like black and white or color, JPG, focal length, prior to shooting so as to ‘get the photo in camera’ — not much post-processing is needed. She shoots primarily with the Fujifilm X100F w 23mm lens and the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 w 35mm f/2.0 lens. 📷

After the Street Photography presentation, I had a delicious Pesto & Chicken sandwhich at Berkely Bowl, with ‘Ansel Adams’, who appeared to be walking around the place – apparition, inspiration, or guiding star 🌟- it made me wish to pursue shooting more film photography! 🎞

And then I’d like to bring both digital & film photography education to students and media professionals alike, here in the burgeoning Sunset Parkside District of San Francisco. 

Andytown photo espresso ☕️

PicMonkey Collage copy

These days in the Sunset District of San Francisco, it seems there all kinds of specialty shops opening up, from the vinyl shop of Tunnel Records & Beach Goods, to the Seven Stills and Hard Frescos to Underdog’s too.

San Franciscans like variety, and expect their shopping and foodie options to reflect their sensibilities and eccentric Bay Area tastes.  We do have a lot of options living in the Bay Area, and so these little commercial neighborhoods, must offer something special, to lure people in.

My new job is working for the People of Parkside Sunset, as their assistant administrator, helping small business write grants, and generally just working with merchants in the neighborhood to improve the flow of people traffic to the area.

It’s clear the outer Sunset, is attracting all kinds of boutiques, niche arts shops, and bring some of the culinary uniques from places like the Mission District & SOMA, to this once sleepy urban Suburb.

In my off hours, I often like to go to the local artisan coffee shops, and enjoy the espresso drinks and coffee pour overs, and meet with the event coordinators from the area. And once in awhile I get to meet with some of my old photo industry colleagues, and talk all things  photography & gear.

By the end of our meetings, it kind of feels like a little Photo Boutique Pop-up just happened, and although informal, it feels like the vibe of 35mm film photography and digital workflow has just flowed over this spot  like that coffee pour over.


Tunnel Records & Beach Goods



Capturing Urban Angles | photo learning module

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San Francisco Mission Dolores District

Doing some shooting around the Mission, with a Nikon Tilt Shift lens, to change perspective through varying focal lengths. I call these little outings ‘Photo Dirges’ , and they’re quite fun to get to try out new cameras and lenses to see what you come up with..

Media Internship on Taraval St.

The POPS internship ended today, with the final efforts of Raymond Thai and Dylan Essex who edited this documentary piece; about their learning experience. Great job! gents, I think the social media, photography & video skills you exhibited, during the training, will take you far.. 😎

2nd Intern Social Media Activity: learning to write blurbs for blogs


When Avengers Infinity War was released, the world was shocked. Now everyone awaits the next Marvel movies to see if they will release answers. Many shocking deaths and scenes were revealed in the movie as a cliff hanger. As we wait and look forward to  Avengers “End Game”. [written content example: using popular films]


The story of the MYEEP and POPS internship: recently, actually on May 23rd, my birthday, I was hired by the People of Parkside Sunset in San Francsico, to work as their administrative assistant. POPS is a local outer Sunset merchant association that performs many tasks that support local businesses and the district 4 supervisor’s office.

Chief amongst their purpose, is to administer an OEWD grant to the outer sunset events that are put on every year by local merchants. A big event coming up is the Movies at McCoppin, run by my friend and boss, Albert Chow. Every Friday in October, there is an outdoor movie at McCoppin park. This year, 4 movies will be featured: Hidden Figures, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman and Coco will be played for local SF residents.

Movie flier mock-design.jpg

[Mock Movie Event Poster: created by media interns]

So, one of the great things about POPS is that they paired up with MYEEP, a government organization, that helps place high school interns into worksites to get summer work experience, to place interns within the POPS organization.

At POPS, we needed some help building out our social media web presence, so we put our interns to work creating more and contemporary social media channels, and began looking at rebuilding the POPS web site.

We were successful at adding some more channels, and figuring out the best way to cover local events through photography, video and content writing. I’m proud of what the interns accomplished over the two months of the program, and I think our leader, Albert was also pleased with our progress, and could see how these young guys could breath new life into local businesses with their ability to use social media to bring people to the area.



The Waves of Southern Oregon

Brookings Oregon Kodak 200ASA film

Last November, my wife, Paula Mak, and I made a trip back to Oregon, to Brookings, to be exact, to enjoy an American Holiday, Thanks Giving. If you’re not familiar with the christian holiday, it’s a time, in which, we give thanks for what we have — christians during the time of harvest, gave thanks for the crops that nature had yielded.

Popzeit 1st article

So, in that tradition, or, in the art world, I’m thankful, for the photographs, I received, hum.. had taken, with my 35mm film camera loaded with Kodak 160 ASA Portra film.

Popzeit 1st article (1 of 1)-7

These days, I’m mostly shooting film, because I like the results it’s giving me – the grain, the color, the lighting contrast.. it just seems like you can feel the grain of the negative once you’ve committed your image to film.

Popzeit 1st article (1 of 1)-4

Also,  because, you’re limited by the amount of shots you have, 12, 24 or 36 frames, it makes the process of capturing your image, quite special. It requires a fair amount of skill and for sures, a bit of luck.

Popzeit 1st article (1 of 1)-3

I felt lucky on this trip back to where I grew up in Southern Oregon, and the lighting conditions here show that. I’m also lucky to see my entire family, basically, thriving and sharing their gifts — for my brothers, that’s their beloved children.

Popzeit 1st article (1 of 1)-5

For me, here is my wife, Paula, ever present on my photo shoots, and my best friend in travel and making a life in San Francisco. She loves photography also. Behind her, is my sister-in-law, Julie and her little one, Genevieve.

Popzeit 1st article (1 of 1)-8

This here, is Paul Mansfield, the man with his sturdy Nikon F100 camera and a Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5 – f/5.6 lens. His niece, Maddy, is the subject of his photography.


Oh yea, and if you’re tuned into wanting to see a remarkable piece of American-British Cinema, Dunkirk is a captivating movie: shot entirely on 70mm film and IMAX by Christopher Nolan and his crew. It takes place during a critical time when Great Britain was in the clutches of the Nazi invasion. The story embodies what came to be known as ‘The Dunkirk Spirit.’

aight, happy shooting tomodachi!
(tomodachi = ‘friends’ in Japanese)

😸 — 📷

Movin in (and living to tell about it)


What can I say.. moving is just one of those things that’s stressful.. but after you’ve moved everything in to your new place, you can breath a sigh of relief. Once those beloved books and movies are in place, and the pages of my teaching manuals are open.. I can start to settle in, and get ready for what November has to bring.

office Marylin photograph 2_re-edit (1 of 1)

My wife was kind enough to encourage me to hang the photograph of one of my favorite photographers, Richard Avedon. I love this print of Marylin, because, as one can see, it’s not all done up and posed. He caught her, with her guard down, and showed another side of her; definitely a more intimate side. I do believe there was more to Marylin, than met the eye, and Richard Avedon caught that.


Eek! what’s this shot of the bed doing here?!! Mainly, my wife and I love the cosiness of the new place, and it reminds of this American hotel chain called La Quinta Inns. We can get a good night sleep, and enter our study the next day, where she teaches test-prep English to local San Francisco teen agers, and I get to edit little movies in Premiere Pro, and plan my next Black and White photography shoot.

Now that the Fall season is hitting the Bay Area, and the natural light is getting all moody, it’s time to get out my Nikon F100 35mm film camera and load it with some Kodak Tri-X film stock and see what ‘Kitchen Noir’ shots I can manufacture.


Happy shooting, peeps, looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing your photos. 🎥

‘The road holds heavy photo beats and action around every bend’

Paul Mansfield

Cup of Noodle Freedom

Shimøspleef photozine_Cup of Noodle Freedom

In Tokyo, one may find themselves, at a cross roads of which way to go, this Harajuku hipster, may be asking himself, what’s the coolest boutique to ply his hand stitched wares, or where he needs to go to get to Uni, to learn the latest English colloquiums. Either way, he’s trying to advance himself on the path of life.

Such is the nature of freedom, that any of us, may be blessed with unlimited choices, it even makes it hard to choose sometimes. But on any given day, to have the chance to step outside and embrace, that internal flame of creativity and artistic liberty.   It’s quite a gift.

Hope my fellow bloggers, here, whom I have found to be quite creative, expressive, and open to chance.. all would find their inner voice, and that we may keep on reading cool posts.

Thanks ya,’all, namaste 🙏

These guys had the coolest hair cutting place in Shimokitazowa

Shinjuku is quite the arena of mass people and stadium-type lighting: great for night street Photograpy

__9_0010And the proverbial fashionable wonderers moving along Neko Dori ‘Cat Street’



Swimming with the koi


‘Swimming with the Koi’ is a major theme to my Tokyo Photography school experience. While I was studying photography with my teacher, Beezer, in Japan, I spent a lot of time, day or night, walking the streets of Tokyo, honing my photography ability.

Tokyo is such a metropolis of a city, so highly populated, the streets of Shinjuku, are just packed with shoppers and salary men going to work. I often times had the sensation of being in a flowing stream of Koi.

It was easy to get lost amongst the hoards of people, and let my artistic sensibilities and sense of wonder take over. And in fact, the moments that I captured on film that were the most interesting or stunning to me, were the ones, where I even let go of notions of compositions, framing, and just trusted my instinct more.

I would take the train to some cool district of Tokyo, land myself in a busy area or near a train station, where a lot was happening. And at first, the idea of grabbing a good shot, was kind of overwhelming, as it was hard to know what to focus on.

But I would allow myself to become more an an experiencer of the busy streets, and let the photographic moment alert me to it’s happening — and I had my camera loaded with an appropriate film stock, to give me the aesthetic I wanted, and then just react to the action that was happening around me.

I think that process must be a lot like a documentary film maker, but in that medium, I believe the film makers may have some notions of what the story line is to be, but in street photography, you’re surrendering to the moment and just responding with your camera. It’s quite exhilarating and exciting to see what you get on that roll of film.

That was one of the most exciting types of photography I engaged in, while studying photography in Tokyo.


Mission 35mm Film Photo Junket

Mission 35mm Photo Junket | shot 1. edit 1. pm30photo. film photo blog (2 of 1).jpg.jpg

Shot with Nikon FM100 + 28-200mm Nikon lens | film stock: Fuji Provia 100 ASA color slide film

Fuji Provia 100 ASA color reversal film (1 of 1)

While attending BAVC’s TechSF program, and receiving a video editing & post-production certification, early this year, I did, what I always do, when studying something of a digital nature, and that is to take some analogue film capture camera out and take pictures in the surrounding nieghborhood.

It not only clears my head, of all the video editing details, which are comprehensive, when trying to mount a complete video editing workflow, but it also helps me to get in touch with the neighborhood in a more organic way.

Fuji Provia 100 ASA color reversal film 2 (1 of 1)

Choosing film stock, has always been important to me, especially, when I would travel to Japan, to take photographs in the street. I liked shooting film, even when digital capture was being perfected, because shooting film captured the light in a certain way, and gave me more interesting textures, then just the vibrancy and pixilated grain, that digital provided.

In the mornings, before such classes as Intro to Premiere Pro,  I read in American Cinemotographer magazine, about how the cinemotgraphy team, lead by Barry Ackroyd, shot both in video and film, to capture the look and feel, they were looking for in the latest Jason Bourne film.



Fuji Provia 100 ASA color reversal film 3_Celinium Tone Edit (1 of 1)

Ultimately, I would like t use both film and video to shoot stories, to give the piece that natural look, but also to give it some emotional impact. Looking forward to collaborating with other film production people, to tell local San Francisco Bay Area stories.IMG_3366 (2).jpgIMG_8079 (1).jpg

Learning Adobe InDesign

PicMonkey Collage_pierce size

Summer High Lights

August: I’m getting ready to pursue a publishing track for my Tokyo photo book manuscript, while at the same time, courting work at nearby GoPro. Thrown into the mix is getting the potential opportunity to enroll in a government sponsored job program called Ready to Hire at BAVC.

September update: I’ve gotten into BAVC’s TechSF program, woo hoo! So, this week, I’m just waiting to see what direction to go in the program. The helpful staff is ready to work with me to seek better placement for my skills and professional goals in the San Francisco market place.

In the mean time, I’m creating more photography on Instagram. I’ve made some cool friends from around the world there. Their photography and writing is inspiring.

And I wish to share some photographs and video clips from  some of Paula and my Foodie experiences in Oregon. So I’m going to continue to get my hands wet using Final Cut Pro X to edit these pieces.And also, I’ve had some cool experiences with my pal Algis in the Hollywood district of Portland.  He’s recently getting into the craft of mixology.

It’s starting to feel like Fall and baseball is in the air.  It’s about time to see how the SF Giants are going to do in the pennant race this year.
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