Georgia O’Keeffe Lake George works


Along with eating Sunset Nieghbs tap pas we saw a special selection of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Lake George paintings — which come from an area of upper state New York, the Adirondack Mountains. My friend James is is particular to this area of the country, and likes to spend some time there.
We’ve had some pretty cool chances, the three of us, Dino, James and myself, to see some wonderful art at the DeYoung, but also, going to The Social brew pub, has given us the chance to enjoy a little ‘bro-sabath’ — an entirely unreligious thing, where relaxing at the pub on sunday, and dining on good pub grub and slog gin some beers, has been a great way to unwind after the busy week, that came before.
The photos below were taken at The Social Brew Pub, at 9th and Irving in the sunset district of San Francisco.  –click on the first image to enlarge and play a slide show —

Illy coffee in North Beach

Illy coffee in North Beach

This morning, while waiting for my scooter to be repaired, I spent some quality time in North Beach district of San Francisco. I had some rather cold and greasy dim sum, but a fantastically made cappuccino from the Cafe Greco. These guys really know how to sling espresso and milk. And I noticed that in North Beach, the SF Chronicle is .75 $ cents when grouped with the Tsing Dao daily newspaper. cool beans

Photo taken with the Panasonic GF3 + Lumix 14mm 1.8 prime lens

Shinjuku Shades

Shinjuku ShadesNow that the Tokyo Photo book is all finished, and in the can, I am starting to work on some early design drafts of what I call ‘Tokyo Metro Style Guides’ — which loosely, are designed to be little catalogue sections of my former Japan Travel Adventures.

They include the daily fashions and characters I experienced during the Tokyo Photo Junkets, and serve as an inspiration for my portrait photography and Wa Photo Academy teaching in this day and age.

Since, coming back to the states, post-Japan, and pursuing a professional photography career, and having finished up my work officially in the photo retail industry, I have been oft reminded that it’s the people I am serving that matter the most.  And whatever I can bring to it, to inspire and help others, is what’ I’ve been focusing on.

I hope I can capture that adventurous spirit I felt while traveling and taking pictures in Japan, and bring it to the students and people I am serving here in San Francisco. These style guides should bring it all back, and I should think, be a blast to work on.The-Falcon-and-Captain-America-Comic-Book-e1342470688884Looking forward to the new movie coming out Friday, April 4th– Captain America:  Winter Solder.

Also, a shout goes out to my friends at Calumet Photographic, who closed their doors recently. I hope they’ll all doing alright and will land on their feet.

Paul & PaulaAs for on the daily life side of things, Paula and I, are mostly spending our weekends, going around to local haunts in our neighs, like this one, Trouble Coffee.  They sure have a mean cinnamon toast. Oishii!
Trouble Coffee toast

Paul Mansfield 35mm film photography

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
SF Food & Lifestyle

The Keep Rolling food truck experience is an interesting and flavorful foray into Eastern European cuisine. Vicky Lee, has culminated her Europa travels into a single and delicious Chimney Cake, from Hungary.

Paula Mak and I that day, we’re so into going and being apart of the grand opening of Vicky’s food truck. We drove the long-windy road, so to speak, to a business park, somewhere in South San Francisco.

We had build up quite an appetite, and Vicky’s sweet and savory chimney cakes didn’t
disapoint.  It was quite a family affair too, as Vicky’s parents and friends were all involved
in launching her food truck into the San Francisco culinary-sphere.

We’re pretty psyched to see her get out there.
DSC_0082_Paula photog
Paula Mak with her Samsung digital camera

Learning how to use Nik software

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Top o the afternoon to ya, Just sitting back in my home office, learning how to use the Nik Software suite, now owned by Google.  I’m especially enjoying the ability to go back to my scanned film negatives and cleaning them up, or adding some more grain as it were.The photo above, was taken several years ago, while I was photographing and living in Tokyo, Japan.  It’s one of the many images I am working on, that will go towards forming a book.I am hoping to publish it on Amazon, for a limited printing. So that all of my friends & family may have an opportunity to acquire it; for those interested in the work.  I sure was fun making the photographs, and creating the book is pretty cool too.Sam-Merry-Pippin-Frodo

That’s all from the Shire,
Pm30, bout’ time to go off an drink a spot o tea, eh, Jameson’s Irish whiskey rather

Tokyo Muji shopping trip

(reposted from last year) — Shimøspleef —
As I prepare to do some major negative and photo scanning over the holidays for members of my family, I have been looking over my own film photos, and pulling out some of the most fun I had while shopping in Tokyo, Japan.

 I have felt such a freedom, the adventure of taking off, with a simple disposable film camera, like the one here, and a Muji pad of paper, and just explore the little neighborhoods of Tokyo to see what I would find.

In this neighborhood, Shimokitazowa, I found this cool little shop, where there were several artisans selling their original work.  I was buying some souvenirs for my friends back home, and these gals, were showing off their wares.

I think in the digital age, it’s nice to sometimes limit yourself to the simplest of cameras and just go out and photograph from the hip, and not worry as much about technical things like exposure, or social networking them or posting to a web site, exactly where you are.

Then in my own time, I like to go back and have the negatives developed at one of the last remaining photo developing houses in town and see what little treasures I got.  The images aren’t always stellar, but knowing that I only have 36 frames to get the shot, kind of makes it more exciting.

While up here in Portland, me and my mums watched the Quentin Tarantino movie, ‘Inglorious Bastards’ and we both laughed our butts off at the fun farce that this film was.

Muji opens their doors in San Francisco today

Muji USA

SF Uniclo Shopping trip

Taken from Facebook post: October 19th —
Ohio, eto, hello ja-mochi’s (friends) — yesterday, me and my gal-friend, went to the Stonehenge Mall, to attend the opening of our favorite Japanese department store in San Francisco, but here’s what we saw…  so because the lines were so big, just headed up to the neighborhood gap to try n pick up a highly discounted pair of 1969 grey jeans.  Better luck next time Paula Mak 🙂

Uniclo3 Uniclo2 Uniclo1

Paul Mansfield
home office

a bit o pop-culture: It’s interesting that some of our favorite super heros, often take a new look, to bring in a modern audience.  One such character I am fallowing these days, both on Hulu’s tv line up, and at my local comic book store, is Green Arrow.

My pal Tobey Mullen, kind of prefers the classic version, although he watches the new show, and I am still getting my tastes around whether I like the new edition of the Green Arrow. The verdict is still out on that one.. but here are the two versions side by side, you decide for whom you like — <if you’re a fan of DC comics and such>Green Arrow_classic cover green-arrow-17-cover

Richmond asunder

Richmond asunderSitting around with my new girlfriend and her inviting family, one could hear the chatter and rhythms of mahjong being placed a few paces away, the backyard presented this kind of imagery

Byambajav Ulambayar Sumo Wrestler
This last weekend, in San Francisco Japan Town, there was a sumo exhibition being held that featuring mostly non-Japanese Sumo Wrestlers. Three time world champion Sumo wrestler, Byambajav Ulambayar, from Mongolia, said: ‘Before you get in the dohyo, you must concentrate because intensity is key. If you loose focus, you can make a mistake.’

Byambajav Ulambayar is 68-1 in Sumo world competition

source: Meredith May, San Francisco Chronicle

Re-discovering a little Tokyo Night Photography

Re-discovering a little Tokyo Night Photography

These days, at home in my little ‘Han Solo’ creative cockpit, eh, yea, well, go with me on this one, onegaishimasu! Anyways, I’m having quite a bit of fun, pulling out some of my old classic 35mm film negatives, scanning them, and then digitally printing them.

I would like to create an exhibition series of my favorite 35mm film Tokyo color and black and white shots – from back in the day when I living there and taught English.

As I get into this, I would like to take it into the modern day, and add digital printing from film negatives, photoshopping them, and then producing fine art prints with my Epson printer, as part of my digital services.


Mamiya Portraiture Photography

This week, I am working closely with Reiko Matsueda and Saiyoko to create some medium format film photographic portraits in me and Reiko’s studio.

The purpose of this excerise is to take the slow approach to creating a studio lighting atmosphere and to photograph meaningful portraits.

And also to learn the fundlementals of exposure, camera settings, lighting, and lenses to make interesting portraits of people.

Like in the movie, Taken, with Liam Neeson, sometimes it pays to go back to basics to get the job done, and create art thats worth playing for..


Paul Mansfield
home studio

Fujicolor Reala

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II