Finding available light food photography

Finding available light food photography

These days, I enjoy cooking again in my kitchen niche’ at home. Mostly, I am preparing simple dishes like Korean Kimchee bowl, and what I call my ‘Mexican burrito bowl’ — more on the ingredients and recipe later.

As I prepare the dishes in the early evening, the available light is good, so I grab my Nikon D3 and 85mm 1.4 D lens, and start ‘working it.’

Sometimes, I’ll throw in a Manfrotto LED for some ‘splash light’.


People of Possibility Portraiture

People of Possibility Portraiture

This shot was taken of one of my former English students, back when I was teaching a group of Japanese women, who lived in the city, had children, and all formed a group called, ‘The Bambi Mother’s’ play group — at the JCCCNC.

I created a full-service, teaching English learning group for them, with the help of Yoko’s husband, Hirokuni; whom I serendipitously ran into in Japan Town, after having tought him at the Tokyo, Chofu branch of the now defunk Nova English School.

One of the nice things about teaching this group of vibrant and eager Japanese mothers, was that not only were they all good people, but they were excellent mothers, as well as professionals in their own right.

Some worked for JAL airlines, were doctors, lawyers, public administrators, banking executives — and their husbands also held high professional posts as well.

I was very fortunate to serve this group of dynamic women, and even on occaison, get to see other talents they had. Such as in this picture, this is Tokyo Nami; which she uses as her stage name.

Before she become a mother and wife, she had a successful singing career with Sony Music in Japan. Her musical style is something like Pop Opera i.e. just think of that opera singer at the end of the Luc Besson film, The 5th Element.

I shot this image with a Canon AE-1, and 50mm lens and Ilford Delta Pro 400 Black and White film. This is one of my favorite film stocks because of the fine grain I am able to get and it catches the detail even in low-light; as you can see from this picture.

Paul Mansfield

Paul Mansfield Photography starts with BofA today

P1020698-final product


Being a sunny Friday in San Francisco, I went down to Bank of America on Taraval, and opened up a sole proprietor business account under my name. The personal banker, Winnie was very helpful in giving me the information I needed to use and set up the account.  It was a plus that she is also a fellow ‘foodie’, and we exchanged a few good restaurants with each other.

Paul Mansfield
New Deal

*coming up: article on the new/old Pentax Asahi Auto 110 SLR I picked up from Glass Key Photo in the city